Travel poor and come back rich

In my last blog about networking, I mentioned that I do networking while traveling. If you are one of those who asked the question, how? Then here’s the answer. 

Since the age of 15, I was a member of a NGO (non-governmental organisation) with the aim of developing an active citizenship for young people and adults through the implementation of social and cultural activities. Being part of such organisation gave me the opportunity to do exchange with other European countries around the world. The projects organised are paid by European Union which every NGO can apply for. The aim is to boost skills and employability as well as modernising Education, Training and Youth work. My latest exchange in Cyprus for example was about peace education. Around 30 participants from seven different countries participated; Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. Everything is covered by EU including travel costs, food and accommodation. Part of the education was learning about emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, human rights and social inclusion. 

Doing exchange during one week of time in another country with people you have never met before where you you sleep, eat and learn something with is an incredible experience. The bond you create with the people is amazing. Because there will always be some people you will bound with and some become your life time friends and others become a real source of inspiration. Not only is this a great opportunity to exchange experiences and understanding people from different background and culture, moreover you do NETWORKING. Because who knows what these will be offering you one day; wether it will be within your business or personal life. 

Basically, you don’t need to have a lot of money to travel for free, to gain so much knowledge in such short but intense time, make friends and connections. You live and learn, you seek and find. Traveling is not only about seeing a lot of places, taking beautiful pictures and move on to the next commercial place, it is about the people you meet on the way and the memories you create with them. 

Now, here is something for those who are interested in knowing more about European Union and exchanges;

For those who are interested in being a part of the organisation I am a member of, you can contact me any time. The name of the organisation is TNB (Tidsnätverket i Bergsjön). You can read more about it in the website;

3 thoughts on “Travel poor and come back rich

    1. What’s this?:) can’t open it


      1. Really? It’s a video on how to meet interesting people. A brazilian woman came up with a method when she went on a trip to Africa. I thought you would like it.


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