10 facts about me, Zen

Yes, my actual name IS Zen. I created this blog because of my interest for writing. For you to get to know me better here are 10 things about me and my interests.

  1. I love dancing. I have been dancing since 2011 when I did my first long trip to Mexico. When some Mexican friends of mine tried to teach me this “weird” dance which grew to be one of my favourites. I also dance Bachata, Merengue (Dominican Republic), Kizomba (Angola), and Forró (Brazil). Salsa is originally from Cuba and Mexicans are by the way known for being bad dancers according to other salsa-dancing countries like Cuba and Colombia.
  2.  Writing is my passion. When I was asked what is the spark that gives me energy – and first thing that came to my mind was writing. I have been writing since the age of 13. I participated in different competitions (which I won if I may add). I continued being active by keeping contact with a writer who was interested in my life and wanted to write a biography about me. We ended up with two published books when I turned 16 years. I did not stop there, instead I wrote my own book which was pretty long. However, I never tried to publish it. I guess I am much of a perfectionist and only go for something when I am 100% content.
  3. Traveling. I have been to 21 countries all over the world and ALMOST all continents except Africa, which will be my next destination. Traveling has taught me amazing things in life, I have met amazing people and learned about the different cultures and behaviours. In some countries it can be very rude to behave in a certain way and trust me, you don’t want to end up in these situations, especially when you do business with them.
  4. I am an active person. I get easily restless and I like to do things, constantly. I like adrenaline and yes, I do like adventures. But not every day can be as adventurous as I want it to be and those days, which are the most of the days, when I just hit the gym, go for a run or simply go dancing if possible.
  5. Curious. I like learning new things, even if it is not in my interest to begin with, I always want to know. I like to have a deep understanding of everything. I ask a lot of questions and I am always collecting information, mostly from my network of people which diverse tremendously.
  6. I like psychology. The human behaviour in different situations is very interesting for me to observe. Sometimes I just experiment with people to see the kind of reaction I will get, and how far can I push it?
  7. I got hit by a car at the age of 16. I don’t know why this would be interesting but it kind of made me realize how short life can actually be and that we should really cherish it and not taking it for granted. Live every day to its fullest, which is what I try to do every day by being effective.
  8. I don’t watch any series and rarely movies. Netflix and chill? No way, forget it. I am too restless for that. I know many watch some serie or several but for me – it is waste of time. But that must come from being a workaholic when every hour is spent to produce something. However, I did watch Game of Thrones (it took me 6 months to watch all the episodes and I might have skipped one or two episodes).
  9. Stubborn. When I have decided something and my mind is set then good luck trying to convince me otherwise, unless you come with a really convincing argument and prove that for me.
  10. I am an engineer. Last but not least I am a biotech engineer. Technology and innovation inspires me. Best engineering is the simplest and cheapest ones.

If you are interested to know more about me, please ask your questions in the comment field below!

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